Polypodiodes Niponica Extract
  • Polypodiodes Niponica Extract
  • Polypodiodes Niponica Extract

Polypodiodes Niponica Extract

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Polypodiodes Niponica Extract is a natural extract derived from the Polypodiodes Niponica plant. The extract is obtained through a process of extraction, where the active compounds present in the plant are isolated and concentrated. These active compounds have been found to possess various beneficial properties for human health and wellness.


1) It has the effect of removing dampness, dispelling stasis and stopping bleeding, dispelling wind relieving itch, and detoxifying.
2) It is used for dampness internal obstruction, epigastric pain, diarrhea, dysentery, infantile infantile malnutrition, dissolving leakage, blood stagnation amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, trauma injury, rheumatism and arthralgia, hematochezia, traumatic hemorrhage, skin pruritus, eczema, rubella, tinea pedis, carbonic abscess, poisonous snake bite.


1) Can be used in health care products.
2) Can be used in food.
3) Can be used in cosmetics.
4) Can be used in pharmaceutics.

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