Reishi extract powder
  • Reishi extract powder
  • reishi powder
  • reishi extract

Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder

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Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum ) commonly referred to as the “mushroom of longevity”. Reishi Mushroom Extract, the main components are triterpenoids, polysaccharides and β- Glucan,Reishi Acid A.


1、It contains the scientifically verified bioactive compounds with important roles in body's relaxing, immunoregulation, anti-aging and improvement of sleeping and whole-body wellness.
2、It can improve the body's immunity, improve the body's ability to withstand hypoxia, reduce blood glucose, blood lipid and anti-aging.
3、Triterpenoids in Reishi Mushroom are mainly distributed in the peripheral part of fruiting body, and the content increases with the increase of fruiting body maturity.


Health Care Products, Food, Daily Necessities, Cosmetics, Functional Drink

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