• Several plant extracts with high potential

Several plant extracts with high potential

With the emergence of many antibiotic side effects, more consumers are becoming aware of the health benefits of plant extracts. Its application demand in skincare, functional food, health care products, etc. has increased significantly.

With the continuation of the epidemic era, immune health and sleep health are expected to become the new favorites in the application market of plant extracts, while brain health and eye protection have always been the two most popular demands for dietary supplements of plant extracts, with relatively high potential plant extracts are:

1. Bacopa monnieri extract

Main role: brain health

Bacopa monnieri is a commonly used herb in India, mainly used to relieve stress, enhance memory, etc. Studies have shown that Bacopa monnieri extract has brain-enhancing effects.

2. Hops Extract

Main functions: emotional support, bone, and joint health

Hops also have excellent pharmacological effects. Studies have shown that polyphenols in hops have obvious antioxidant effects. Currently, hops extract is commonly used in dietary supplements and food and beverages related to sleep promotion, and bone, and joint health.

3. Marigold Extract

Main function: eye protection

The main active ingredients of the marigold extract are lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids, not only important natural pigments, but also excellent antioxidants, and also the main components of the macular region of the human eye.

As a plant extract supplier, JHD offers the above three kinds.

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