• Shiitake Mushroom Extract AHCC

Shiitake mushroom extract clears HPV infection, study finds

1. Shiitake mushroom extract AHCC helps in the treatment of HPV

According to a pilot clinical trial, 10 HPV-positive women were given oral shiitake mushroom extract, 5 of whom tested negative, and 3 of them were diagnosed with eradication after stopping AHCC treatment.

As more and more people know about HPV, people begin to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of HPV. It is exciting news that a clinical trial at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School has shown that shiitake mushroom extract can help in the treatment of HPV.

Shiitake mushroom extract

2. What are the basic functions of shiitake mushroom extract AHCC?

Animal studies have shown that AHCC has antioxidant properties that can prevent many diseases caused by oxidative stress; enhance resistance to bacterial and viral infections; have favorable effects on colitis.

In vitro and animal experiments show that AHCC has the anti-cancer effect.

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