• Sophora japonica extract rutin

Sophora japonica extract rutin: a flavonoid for heart, brain and blood health

Sophora japonica extract rutin, as one of the main raw materials extracted in the pharmaceutical industry, is closely related to its own role and efficacy. When it comes to the function of rutin flavonoid compound extract, what are its functions? What are the uses?

In Sophora japonica extract, the content of rutin can reach more than 20%, which is the main raw material for extracting rutin in my country's pharmaceutical industry. Rutin, unstable in color in alkaline foods, has an antioxidant capacity. In ethanol, it can improve the light resistance of pigment preparations, prevent the gradual disappearance or change of fragrance, and combine with vitamin E to improve its antioxidant capacity.

Sophora japonica extract rutin is a kind of vitamin P, which is the glycoside of dehydroflavin ketone. It is a transporter of hydrogen, which may be involved in the action of redox enzymes in the body, can affect the activity of the thyroid gland, and protect adrenaline from oxidation. It also has the effect of reducing the permeability and fragility of capillaries, maintaining and restoring the normal elasticity of capillaries.

Main uses of rutin supplements:

Food Coloring; Antioxidant; Nutritional Supplement. Mainly used for cold drinks, beverages, cakes, processed meat products, processed aquatic products, etc. Vitamin drugs are used to prevent and treat hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, diabetic retinal hemorrhage, and hemorrhagic purpura. Mainly used in medicine, food, cosmetics, and other major industries.

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