Sorbic Acid 99%
  • Sorbic Acid 99%
  • Sorbic Acid 99%

Sorbic Acid 99% Purity Food additive

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Sorbic Acid, or 2, 4-hexadienoic acid, is a natural organic compound used as a food preservative. It has the chemical formula C6H8O2. It is a colourless solid that is slightly soluble in water and sublimes readily. It was first isolated from the unripe berries of the rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia), hence its name.

As colorless acicular crystal or white crystalline powder, Sorbic Acidis soluble in water and can be used as Preservatives. Sorbic Acid can be widely used as food ingredient or food additive in our daily life. Sorbic Acid is mainly used in food, beverages, tobacco, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries. As an unsaturated acid, it also can be used in resins, spices and rubber industry.


1) Sorbic Acid can restrain effectively the activity of mould, yeast and aerophile bacteria.
2) Restrain growth and reproduction of the pernicious micro organism as pseudomonas, and staphylococcus salmonella action to restrain growth is more powerful than killing.
3) It can not restrain useful microorganism growth as Anaerobic spore-bearing bacilli, acidophil therefore to lengthen food store period and remain food original flavor. The preservative efficiency of sorbic acid is 5-10 times sodium benzoate.


1) At the moment, sorbic acid has been used extensively in food, drink, vegetables in soy, tobacco, drugs, cosmetics, agricultural products, forage, and other domains. Its application should be wider and wider in the world.
2) As an acidic preservative, sorbic acid is also used well in neutral food (ph6.0-6.5). The preservative efficiency of sodium benzoate will decrease clearly and have a bad taste when PH>4.

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