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Strong antioxidant factor in olive fruit extract

Olive fruit is rich in high-quality olive oil and many natural active ingredients and has a long history of food and medicine.

Olive fruit is the most well-known raw material for making olive oil. The main fatty acids of olive oil are oleic acid (62.47%~79.28%), palmitic acid (11.41%~15.06%), and linoleic acid (2.60%~19.09%). 

Hydroxytyrosol Supplier

In addition, there are many other active ingredients in olive fruit extract, which are rich in polyphenols, such as oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.

Hydroxytyrosol is one of the most important polyphenol components in olive oil. Hydroxytyrosol is the most important polyphenol component in olive fruit, and its efficacy is based on the antioxidant effect of polyphenols.

The efficacy of hydroxytyrosol supplement is mainly manifested in these aspects:

1. Heart health

It has been clinically proven that hydroxytyrosol is beneficial to heart health, mainly by improving vascular endothelial function and reducing oxidized low-density cholesterol.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful phenolic antioxidant. Nutritional studies have shown that a high intake of polyphenol-rich olive oil can inhibit the expression of several pro-inflammatory and pro-atherosclerotic genes, thereby accelerating the reduction of the inflammatory response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

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