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Study Shows: Ginger Extract Gingerol Has Motion Repair Benefits

Ginger extract is a solid powder product of ginger. Its main specifications are gingerol1%, 5%, and 10%, which has a strong ginger characteristic aroma and spicy taste. Gingerol is a mixture of various substances and is the spicy substance in ginger.

Ginger root extract is mainly used in food, seasoning, daily chemical products, cosmetics, medicine and health products, and other fields.

Ginger extract gingerol 5% is widely used in sports supplements and is an ingredient with motion repairing effects.

Several clinical trials have shown that:

1. Gingerol can reduce muscle pain by 20%

2. Gingerol can increase the exercise endurance of mice by more than 1 times

3. Gingerol reduces arthritis pain by 48.8%

Therefore, ginger extract gingerol is one of the good choices for motion repair products.

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