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Vitamin B9 powder (folate) is important for red blood cell formation and healthy cell growth and function. Nutrition is critical in early pregnancy to reduce the risk of developing brain and spine birth defects.

Folic acid is mainly found in dark green leafy vegetables, beans, peas and nuts. Folic acid-rich fruits include oranges, lemons, bananas, watermelon and strawberries. Artificial folic acid is a synthetic form of folic acid. It is an important prenatal vitamin found in many fortified foods, such as fortified cereals and pasta.


1. Birth defects
Pregnant women who do not get enough folic acid are more likely to have children with birth defects, and pregnant women should consume 600 micrograms of folic acid per day. Women planning to become pregnant should make sure to take the recommended 400 micrograms per day. Child development research suggests that taking prenatal folic acid supplements at conception may reduce the risk of autism.

2. Heart disease
Vitamin B9 powder can help protect the heart in a number of ways. Research shows that getting enough folic acid in your diet can reduce your risk of heart disease. Studies have also shown that people with high levels of the amino acid homocysteine are approximately 1.7 times more likely to develop coronary artery disease and 2.5 times more likely to have a stroke. B-complex vitamins, especially vitamins B9, B6, and B12, help reduce homocysteine levels.

3. Age-related hearing loss
Studies have shown that folic acid supplements can help slow the progressi


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