• Equisetum Arvense Extract

The Effects and Efficacy of Equisetum Arvense Extract

Equisetum Arvense is a perennial herb. It is generally harvested in summer and autumn. The whole grass is cut and placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade, or it can be used when it is fresh. In the process of production and processing, the commonly used part is the dried whole plant.

The Equisetum Arvense of wattle is prostrate, black or dark brown. There are two kinds of aerial stems of Nepenthes, namely spore stems and vegetative stems. The spore stems that germinate in early spring are unbranched fleshy, purple-brown, and have long and large sheaths. The vegetative stem is born after the sporophyte withers, 0.6 m high, with 6 to 15 longitudinal edges. 

Equisetum Arvense Extract

Equisetum Arvense extract contains Equisetum Arvense saponins, equisetiside, isoquercitrin, luteolin, silicic acid, etc., as well as a variety of amino acids.

Efficacy of the Equisetum Arvense extract:

1. Diuretic

The alcohol-soluble components and liquid extracts of fresh Equisetum Arvense have a diuretic effect.

2. Other functions

It is clinically useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus with the extract of Equisetum Arvense, but animal experiments have not proved this effect.

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