Thyme Extract
  • Thyme Extract
  • Thyme Extract

Thyme Extract 10:1 TLC

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Thyme (Thymus mongolicus Ronn), semi-shrub, leaves oval, inflorescence head, calyx tubular bell or narrowly bell, corolla purplish red, purple or lavender, pink, flowering July to August, nuts nearly round or oval. Used as an ingredient in European cooking, spices have a spicy flavor and are used in stews, eggs or soups. Traditionally believed to symbolize courage in Europe, thyme was often given to knights in battle in the Middle Ages.


1) Be good for sore throat.
2) Anti-biosis, cure rhinallergosis.
3) Improve appetite, cure headaches, depression, etc.
4) Improve anemia, low blood pressure, and pollinosis.


1) Application in Cosmetics
2) Applied in Pharmaceuticals
3) Applied in Food Supplement
4) Applied in Beverage

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