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Weight loss people must know the advantages of green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are not some new type of coffee, but regular coffee beans, except that they are unroasted and raw. Coffee beans are rich in organic acids, which have a sour taste, so they are mostly removed by roasting. However, these removed organic acids are the ingredients with weight loss effects!

The most important weight loss ingredient in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, which is the most important key ingredient for healthy fat loss. It is formed by the condensation and dehydration of a molecule of caffeic acid and a molecule of quinic acid.

green coffee beans

Green coffee beans contain natural antioxidants, which can delay aging, reduce the attack of free radicals generated after exercise on the body, and improve fatigue. Low caffeine is also an advantage of green coffee, accounting for about 5% of green coffee. Therefore, people who are prone to heart palpitations or affected sleep can consider supplementing green coffee to promote metabolism and help reduce fat.

Chlorogenic acid has a very strong antioxidant capacity, far superior to vitamin C and vitamin E.

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