• Inositol CAS No. 87-89-8

What are the benefits of proper inositol supplementation?

What is inositol?

Inositol CAS No. 87-89-8 is a sugar that can affect the body's response to insulin and hormones related to mood and cognition. It is also called vitamin B8, but it is not a vitamin in essence. It has more antioxidant properties.

Health benefits of inositol:

1. Reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. Risk factors for metabolic syndrome include abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

2. Help relieve anxiety and panic disorder

3. Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes

4. Relieve depression

5. Improve the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome

The dosage of inositol:

Inositol does not have a clear recommended intake, but there are some suggestions for reference.

Metabolic syndrome: 2g once, twice a day

Polycystic ovary syndrome: 2g once, twice a day

Depression and panic attacks: 12g per day.

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