• Ginseng Extract Ginsenoside

What are the health benefits of ginsenoside, the active ingredient in ginseng extract?

The main functional ingredients in ginseng extract are various ginsenosides, such as Rh2, Rg5, Rc, etc. There are more than 60 kinds of rare ginsenosides that have been successfully isolated. The efficacy of ginseng extract is mainly due to the various ginsenosides. 

Features of Panax ginseng extract 20% ginsenosides HPLC:

1. Improve immunity

The immune system consists of three parts: immune organs, immune cells and immune factors. Ginseng extract Ginsenosides can reduce the damage of drugs to the spleen, while enhancing the function of the spleen. The spleen is the largest immune organ in the body. The enhancement of spleen function can effectively provide the concentration of immune factors, so that ginsenosides can improve the body's immunity.

2. Anti-fatigue

Ginsenosides HPLC can effectively improve human physical strength and have a good anti-fatigue effect.

Animal experiments have shown that taking ginsenosides can significantly prolong the weight-bearing swimming time of mice, accumulative pole climbing time, and reduce fatigue indicators such as blood lactic acid content in mice, effectively combating fatigue. Similar conclusions have also been obtained in human experiments.

However, with the deepening of modern scientific research, the application of ginsenosides is not limited to the medical field, and then plays a variety of roles, among which the more mature one is the research and application in the field of skincare.

In continuous research, it has been found that ginseng extract ginsenoside has the cosmetic effects of promoting collagen synthesis, anti-aging, and brightening skin tone.

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