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What are the uses of ginger extract in pig feed?

Ginger is not only a condiment in people's daily life but also has certain medicinal value. Ginger is warm in nature, and ginger root extract—gingerol 5% can stimulate gastrointestinal congestion and enhance digestion. In fact, ginger is not only widely used in human life, but ginger root extract is also commonly used in various feeds, such as pig feed.

So what are the uses of adding ginger root extract to pig feed?

1. Health care and fattening

Mixing ginger root extract with an equal amount of dried orange peel and grinding it into powder, and feeding pigs with 0.1% of this powder feed has an obvious fattening effect and can also improve the survival rate of piglets.

2. Treatment of piglet diarrhea

Adding ginger extract supplement to pig feed can have the effects of antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, invigorating the spleen and stomach and preventing or treating pig diarrhea.

To sum up, the emergence of the ginger extract straight powder can treat the gastrointestinal problems of pigs, and can also strengthen the spleen and stomach and gain weight. Therefore, the clever use of ginger in the process of raising pigs can prevent diseases and promote growth, and there is no drug residue.

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