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What is the development prospect of milk thistle extract in the liver protection market?

Native to the Mediterranean region, milk thistle has been used for more than 2,000 years and is still regarded as an effective liver-protecting plant material. A complex diet increases the burden on the liver and is more susceptible to the effects of toxic substances. Milk thistle can protect our liver cells.

What are the positive effects of milk thistle extract on the liver?

Milk thistle can help detoxify the liver and can also be used to manage chronic liver disease. The main biologically active ingredient is milk thistle extract silymarin, which can activate the regeneration of liver proteins, restore the activity of liver cells damaged by alcohol and viruses, remove free radicals, and maintain the permeability of liver cell membranes, reduce the damage of toxins to the liver, and protect the liver from long-term drinking.

According to traditional medicine, milk thistle can be drunk by soaking in water. However, unpurified milk thistle extract is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, so the best way to eat it is to choose milk thistle extract powder products.

Generally, milk thistle extract can be used in the production of medicines, health care products, cosmetics and food. Globally, the main growing areas of milk thistle are in Europe and Asia. Germany, China, India, etc. have always been the main production areas of milk thistle. As of 2020, the overall global demand for milk thistle extract has reached 994 tons, and India's consumption accounts for about 5%. As the demand for milk thistle extract in the pharmaceutical industry increases, the market for milk thistle extract continues to expand.

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