• Blueberry Extract - Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment

What is the difference between the anthocyanins in blueberry extract?

There are many kinds of anthocyanins. It is often heard that anthocyanins have many health benefits. Many people like to eat blueberries, which are sweet and sour and have rich nutritional value. They contain a lot of anthocyanins. , can have a lot of improvement effects on the human body. 

Blueberry Extract - Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment is a derivative of flavonoids and flavanones, reddish-brown to dark-brown powder, lump or liquid, with a slight special flavor, slightly soluble in water, and unstable when heated.

The role of Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment:

1. Enhance vision and eliminate eye fatigue;

2. Delay the aging of brain nerves;

3. It has a therapeutic effect on capillary disease caused by diabetes;

4. Enhance cardiopulmonary function;

5. Prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Blueberry Extract - Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment is currently the most excellent function of all plant anthocyanins, the widest application range, the lowest side effects, and the most expensive variety. The blueberry extract with 25% anthocyanin content is 5-6 times more expensive than the grape seed extract with 95% anthocyanin content, which shows its high value.

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