• What is the medicinal value of alfalfa

What is the medicinal value of alfalfa

We often see some plants in life have a lot of advantages, they are not only for viewing, but also have a certain healthcare effect, and even can be used as medicine. So what are the medicinal values of alfalfa?

1、Alfalfa extract is rich in vitamins A, E, U, B6, K, etc.

2. Alfalfa also contains eight basic enzymes: amylase, coagulase, amygdala, transforming yeast, lipase (fat division), pectinase, peroxide, and protease.

3. Alfalfa can lower cholesterol levels by trapping it before it sticks to the walls of blood vessels. It contains chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that all aid digestion and help stimulate appetite.

Alfalfa polysaccharide in alfalfa is one of the polysaccharides that has been proved to have biological activity, which can enhance immune function and fight infection. 

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