• What is the use of the popular asiaticoside in the medical field?

What is the use of the popular asiaticoside in the medical field?

Madecassoside native to India, is suitable for growing in grassland, so it is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, and in China, it is mainly distributed in the provinces south of the Yangtze River.

Madecassoside is widely used in Chinese and Indian herbal medicine for wound healing and the treatment of leprosy. With the development of science, the understanding and application of total glucosides of madecassoside are more and more. Gradually applied in the cosmetic industry from the medical field, the active ingredients in the total glycosides of centella asiatica have been isolated in 1948, and it is a series of compounds containing sapogenin.

In addition, there are a variety of polyphenols and flavonoids in the total glycosides of asiaticoside. Due to these chemical components in asiaticoside, the total glucosides of asiaticoside extract has various effects. Its principle of action is mainly achieved through the following forms. For example, it can promote the growth of fibroblasts in the skin, promote the synthesis of skin collagen, repair broken elastic fibers, and promote cell tissue regeneration.

In short, the various effective ingredients in asiaticoside can achieve great value in skin care products. The specific skin care effects are shown in improving the function of the epidermal barrier, enhancing the absorption of moisture by the skin, repairing wrinkles, soothing and anti-inflammatory, lightening acne marks, and even reducing wrinkles.

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