• Shiitake Mushroom Extract AHCC

What medicinal value does shiitake mushroom extract ratio extract have?

As a common ingredient, shiitake mushrooms are low in fat and high in high-quality protein. They taste good after cooking and have very high nutritional value. Shiitake mushroom is not only a vegetable but also a medicine. Shiitake mushroom extract has various medicinal properties.

Lentinan is made of high-quality shiitake mushrooms as raw materials, and effective active ingredients are extracted from it through technological fermentation. It contains 30%-50% polysaccharides. Lentinan powder is a mainly light yellow powder, easily soluble in hot water, and the aqueous solution is transparent and viscous. The main clinical and pharmacological effects of lentinan are antiviral, antitumor, and immunity enhancement.

What is Shiitake Mushroom Extract AHCC?

AHCC is a mixed nutrient extracted from shiitake mushroom mycelium culture and contains active polysaccharide components.

The benefits of shiitake mushroom extract:

1. Immune regulation

Lentinan is a typical T cell activator, which can promote the production of interleukins, promote the production of antibodies, and inhibit the release of immune system inhibitors from macrophages.

2. Antivirus

Shiitake mushroom extract contains a double-stranded ribonucleic acid that stimulates human reticulocytes and white blood cells to release interferon, which has antiviral effects.

3. Anti-infection

The surface of lentinan molecules adheres to the surface of pathogens, blocking the combination of pathogens and normal cell surface sugar molecules, thereby blocking its infection pathway.

Shiitake mushroom extract for HPV:

Relevant clinical trials have shown that shiitake mushroom extract is effective against HPV.

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