• What nutritional value does luffa have? What are the benefits to the human body?

What nutritional value does luffa have? What are the benefits to the human body?

In terms of nutrients, luffa contains a small amount of protein and fat and is a low-calorie melon vegetable. In terms of vitamins (such as vitamin C, and B vitamins) and minerals, its content is higher than other types of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are much higher, and because of this, luffa has a more prominent role in antioxidants.

What are the benefits of eating luffa on the human body?

1. Antiscurvy

Luffa is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, which has the physiological function of synthesizing collagen to prevent scurvy. Therefore, eating luffa regularly can effectively prevent the occurrence of scurvy.

the benefits of luffa

2. Beauty puzzle

The high content of vitamin B in loofah is helpful for children's brain development and maintaining the brain health of middle-aged and elderly people, while vitamin C has the effect of anti-oxidation and synthesis of collagen, and has certain effects on maintaining skin elasticity and whitening. 

3. Anti-virus, anti-allergic

Pharmacological studies have shown that luffa extract has an inhibitory effect on the Japanese encephalitis virus, suggesting that it has an antiviral effect.

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