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Which is better to supplement DHA, algae oil powder or fish oil?

Algae oil powder is extracted from artificially cultivated marine single-cell algae. It does not pass through the food chain and does not contain heavy metal elements. The main components of algae oil are DHA and EPA, and it also contains myristic acid and lauric acid.

Among them, DHA is a very familiar ingredient, known as "brain gold". The content of DHA in the human cerebral cortex is as high as 20%, which can protect and repair myelin, and has positive effects on fetal visual function and central nervous system development.

So supplement DHA, choose fish oil or DHA algae oil powder?

Algae oil is grown and purified under controlled conditions so it is free of toxins that may be present in fish and fish oil.

What's more, algae oil is nutritionally similar to fish oil, and studies have shown that they have the same effect on the human body. Plus, algae oil is plant-based, which has no odor and may be a more sustainable source.

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