• Chitosan Hydrochloride Powder

Why is chitosan called "Immune Guard"?

Chitosan CAS No. 9012-76-4  is the only positively charged alkaline animal cellulose found in nature that can be degraded and absorbed by the human body. Chitosan can eliminate free radicals, remove chemical elements and harmful toxins in body fluids and bones, and has a unique effect on nutrient repair and activation of cells.

Chitosan supplements are also known as the "immunity guard" by the world's medical experts, and it is mainly derived from marine crustaceans.

What are the physiological functions of chitosan hydrochloride powder?

1. Lower blood fat

Chitosan lowers blood lipids, a large amount of cholesterol is transported back to the liver from the surrounding tissues, the amount of cholesterol deposited in the intima of small and medium arteries is reduced, and the elasticity of the inner wall of the blood vessels becomes better, which promotes a drop in blood pressure.

2. Lower blood sugar

Chitosan lowers blood sugar in four ways: promoting insulin secretion, strengthening insulin activity, improving insulin receptor sensitivity, and controlling postprandial hyperglycemia.

3. Strengthen the liver

An appropriate amount of chitosan starts from hindering lipid absorption, lowering cholesterol content, enhancing neurohumoral regulation, maintaining vigorous secretion of liver cells, and strengthening metabolism and excretion.

4. Effective coagulation

Clinical medicine has confirmed that chitosan aggregates with platelets in the affected area, which can stimulate platelets to accelerate the coagulation process.

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