Yeast Extract 80% Beta Glucan Powder

Yeast Extract 80% Beta Glucan Powder

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Yeast-β-glucan, It exists in the mucus secreted by certain microorganisms during the growth process. Modern research has found that Agaricus blazei contains the most abundant B-glucan and has high biological activity. Glucan has a relatively high molecular weight. It is mainly connected by D-glucopyranose by α, 1→6 bonds, and the branch points are connected by 1→2, 1→3, and 1→4, and are connected by β-1, 3/-1,6 bound β-glucan has the highest biological activity. With the different types of microorganisms and growth conditions, their structure and function are also different.

Yeast glucan is a kind of polysaccharide with immunity-enhancing activity-β-glucan, which exists in the cell wall of yeast. β-glucan is widely found in various fungi and plants, such as Agaricus blazei, shiitake mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, and oats. It is the main functional substance for their health care. Yeast glucan has stronger immune-enhancing activity, and has the functions of improving blood lipids, removing toxins, resisting radiation, repairing cells, and improving intestinal function.


1) Moisturizing effect. β - glucan has the film-forming property, can help the skin to keep moisture, and has the reputation of invisible skin.
2) Antioxidant, significantly reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin elasticity.
3) Protect the skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays and the skin's resistance to external stimulation.
4) It can give the product a good sense of use and increase the active transdermal absorption.


1) It is an important way to improve the health status of the animals, and widely applied in the field of animal breeding.
2) In the food industry, it is often used in sauces, desserts and other foods as a thickener, holding agent and emulsion stabilizer.
3) Oat beta glucan in the food industry is used as a dietary fiber, but also a high quality health food additive.
4) In the field of cosmetics, yeast beta glucan can be applied to shampoo, shower gel, sunscreen and a mask and other products. It plays its anti-infective, anti-radiation, and enhances the immune role to protect the skin from external aggressions.

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