• Inosital CAS No. 87-89-8

Can inositol really improve PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome?

Inosital is a sugar that can affect the body's response to insulin and hormones related to mood and cognition. It is also called vitamin B8, but it is not a vitamin in essence. It has more antioxidant properties.

There are 9 forms of inosital CAS No. 87-89-8, of which Myo-inosital and DCI-inosital are useful for PCOS. They are natural extracts, not synthetic. Myo-inositol can be extracted from corn, and DCI-inositol is usually extracted from carob.

Myo-inosital and PCOS:

Myo-inosital is currently the most promising nutrient for treating PCOS, and many experimental results have proved that it is effective.

In a related study, 20 people were given 6g of Myo-inosital, and another 20 people were given the same dose of placebo for 6-8 weeks. The results showed that the group given Myo-inosital improved PCOS-related indicators including blood pressure, blood lipids, and androgen levels by 73%, while the placebo group did not change.

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