• Can vitamins be taken long-term?

Can vitamins be taken long-term?

Vitamin is an organic compound necessary for the human body, and it is a trace amount of small molecule compound. Unlike proteins and fats, vitamins are neither active substances that constitute the body and life, nor can they provide heat to the body, but without vitamins, the body's composition and energy output will be abnormal.

Vitamins play a very important role in the normal growth of the human body, energy metabolism, the creation of cells, and the health of the body. Many chemical reactions in the human body require the participation of enzymes and hormones, and vitamins are indispensable substances for synthesizing enzymes and hormones.

There are 13 essential vitamins in the human body, each of which is indispensable to the human body. Vitamins are not food, nor are they a substitute for food. Vitamins do not contain energy and cannot directly provide energy to the human body. But the body needs vitamins, especially vitamins B, to convert food into energy.

The four vitamins B2, B5, B5+H are basically safe to take in large doses. There are many experiments in large doses, and no symptoms have been found. Vitamin B1, long-term daily more than 3g can cause acute behavioral disorders. More than 2g of vitamin C per day can cause kidney stones, and those with poor kidney function should limit the intake to less than 200g per day. Vitamin B6, taking more than 2g will cause permanent damage to the nerves, long-term daily more than 200g will cause the limbs to feel sluggish, but the function will recover after stopping the service. Under normal circumstances, vitamins can be taken for a long time, but the dosage needs to be controlled.

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