Citric Acid Granular Anhydrous
  • Citric Acid Granular Anhydrous
  • Citric Acid Granular Anhydrous

Citric Acid Granular Anhydrous

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Citric acid (CA) has the molecular formula of C6h8o7. It is an important organic acid. It is a colorless crystal, odorless, has a strong sour taste, and is easily soluble in water. It is a natural preservative and food additive.


1) In terms of food additives, citric acid anhydrous is mainly used in carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages, lactic acid beverages, and other refreshing beverages and pickled products. Citric acid, as a pH adjuster, can not only play a flavoring role but also maintain its quality.
2) The corrosion inhibition performance of citric acid in detergents is also outstanding, such as cleaning metal containers, pipes, and water dispensers. Since the acidity of citric acid is relatively weak, the safety and reliability of cleaning are relatively strong, and the waste liquid is also relatively easy to handle.
3) Citric acid can stimulate the taste bud cells in the mouth to secrete saliva, which acts as a flavoring agent. It can regulate the PH value in the stomach and intestines, promoting animal appetite and absorption of nutrients.


1) Citric acid is a versatile additive for food, beverages, medicines, and dietary supplements, as well as cleaning and disinfecting products.
2) In the food industry, Citric acid is used to boost acidity and enhance flavor in soft drinks, juices, wines, powdered beverages, and candies, and acts as a preservative and antioxidant in creams, fats, mayonnaises, dairy products, and ice creams.

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