Fennel Extract
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  • Fennel Extract

Fennel Extract

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Fennel Extract is also known as hippocampus tooth, St. Peter's wort. Herbs are annual or biennial, up to 60cm. Leaflets are slender, fleshy, and bright green. The flowers are small, yellow-green. Sea fennel is a kind of grass that grows on the reef of the sea. Because of the active ingredients it contains, it is often used to make skincare cosmetics.


1) Fennel extract as an appetite suppressant and to treat stomach problems.
2) Fennel extract has also been used in the treatment of gout and tonsillitis.
3) Fennel extract is said to possess estrogenic properties and may have a positive effect on menopause and PMS.
4) Fennel extract is also for the treatment of abdominal pain, testicular side crash, dysmenorrhea, and abdominal distention pain.
5) Fennel seed extract has been employed for the treatment of gastroenteritis and indigestion, to prevent gas, dissolve fat, and stimulate lactation.


1) Applied in health supplements, food additives, and beverages.
2) Applied in cosmetics.

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