Freeze-dried Pineapple Powder

Freeze-dried Pineapple Powder

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The raw pineapple powder is made of golden meat color, rich aroma, sweet and sour taste, crisp and juicy Hainanese Balinese pineapple. It is made of unique crushing technology and insists on not adding any flavor pigments and no preservatives. It contains a lot of fructose, glucose, vitamins B, C, phosphorus, citric acid and protease.


It can be organically combined with a variety of foods and is a unique green, healthy and nutritious food raw material. It can also be directly used for home soup stock fresh or homemade beverage raw materials.


1) Baking: cakes (especially layer cakes, mousse cakes), biscuits, cookies, pies, cookies, bread (special white bread), small fruit breads, pastries and baked shortbread, moon cakes, sandwich rice crackers wait.
2) Candy: fruit milk-flavored sugar, biscuit filling, taffy, candy, coating, etc.
3) Desserts: a variety of tropical flavors of ice cream, jelly, pudding, yogurt and other desserts.
4) Beverages: instant solid drinks, specialty integrated fruit drinks, cocktails, rum, yogurt, etc.

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