Gardenia Jasminoides Extract
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Extract
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Extract

Gardenia Jasminoides Extract

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Crocetin is a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid that is found in the Gardenia Fruit and  Crocus Flower. Our Crocetin is extracted from the Gardenia Fruit.


1) Crocetin has a strong effect on blood circulation.
2) Crocetin can use to relieve pain, blood detoxification and long-term use can improve the effectiveness of the body's immune system.
3) Crocetin can strengthen the physique and improve the function of macrophages, eliminate those viruses around the cell, enhance the immune cell function, and enhance resistance to the human body.
4) Crocetin has a strong inhibition for blood cancer, papillary carcinoma, squamous cell tumors, and soft tissue sarcoma.
5) Crocetin can also improve oxygen supply in myocardial areas. Crocetin contains multiple types of glycoside, glycoside can increase major blood flow in the coronary. Crocetin can improve microcirculation, bile secretion, and excretion thereby reducing the abnormally high levels of globulin and bilirubin.
6) Crocetin can be used for some medical treatment of a variety of chronic human diseases


1) Apply for pharmaceutical ingredients.
2) Apply for health care products.
3) Apply for nutritional products.

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