Gardenia Jasminoides Extract
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Extract
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Extract

Gardenia Jasminoides Extract

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Gardenia (scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) Alias: gardenia, Gardenia, white toad, is Rubiaceae Gardenia fruit. Gardenia fruit is a traditional Chinese medicine, is the first batch of medicinal and edible resources l issued by the Ministry of Health, with liver, gallbladder, blood pressure, sedation, bleeding, swelling, and other effects. In clinical medicine used to treat jaundice, hepatitis, contusion, hypertension, and diabetes embolism. 


1) To reduce fire and ease the mind.
2) To eliminate damp heat.
3) To remove heat from blood and counteract toxicity.
4) To arrest bleeding by removing heat from the blood.
5) Reduce fever and cause diuresis.


1) Applied in the health care product field.
2) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

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