Gastrodiae Rhizoma Extract
  • Gastrodiae Rhizoma Extract
  • Gastrodiae Rhizoma Extract

Gastrodiae Rhizoma Extract

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Gastrodia extract is a pharmaceutical health product, beverage, and food additive. The dried tuber of Gastrodia elata Blume. Tianma (scientific name: Gastrodia elataBl.), also known as Red Arrow, Dokshak Chi, Leaving Mother, Hopping Leaving Grass, Divine Grass, Ghost Dude, Mu Pu, Ming Tianma, Dingfeng Grass, White Dragon Skin, etc., is a perennial herb in the genus Tianma of the Orchidaceae. The rhizome is thick, without green leaves, and the capsule is obovate-elliptic, often propagated by tubers or seeds. The rhizome is used to treat dizziness, numbness of the limbs, pediatric shock, and other diseases, is a valuable Chinese medicine, and Qiongzhen Lingzhi is used in combination to treat headaches and insomnia.


1) Calming the liver to stop the wind, treatable deficiency liver wind headache, dizziness, can be used for infantile convulsion, epilepsy, and tetanus.
2) Chills and pain, and dizziness caused by wind phlegm, prejudiced headache, numbness, hemiplegia.


1) Applied in the beverages field.
2) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.
3) Applied in health products.

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