• White Kidney Bean Extract

How does white kidney bean extract achieve weight loss?

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of research on α-amylase inhibitors, the research on white kidney bean extract achieved breakthrough success in 2001, a large number of dietary supplements which contain white kidney bean α-amylase inhibitors began to appear in the European and American markets.

Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract:

1. Different from other beans, the content of α-amylase inhibitor in white kidney bean extract is relatively high, and experiments show that the activity of α-amylase inhibitor extracted from white kidney bean is higher, and it has a high effect on mammalian pancreatic α-amylase. 

White Kidney Bean

2. α-amylase inhibitor in white kidney bean can completely block the interaction channel between the substrate and α-amylase active site, which makes the activity of α-amylase in the human mouth and pancreas decrease, and starch can not be completely decomposed into small molecule monosaccharides and absorbed by the human body. In order to control the conversion of starch into calories.

3. Eat white kidney bean extract before meals, and block the enzymatic decomposition of 70%-80% starch and other polysaccharides in food, so that its absorption in the digestive tract is reduced and slowed down, directly through the end of the digestive tract out of the body, but does not affect the absorption of other nutrients.

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