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How to identify the quality of organic spirulina powder? 4 tips

The specific identification methods given by professional organic spirulina powder manufacturers are for reference only:

Tip 1: Read the signs

Spirulina powder produced by regular manufacturers will have three signs:

1. Food "quality and safety" mark with "QS" mark.

2. With the "GMP" mark, it means that an independent management system for product quality and health safety is implemented during the production process.

3. "Blue Hat", the symbol of national health food.

Tip 2: Look at the colors

True 100% natural spirulina extract powder, whether in powder, tablet, or capsule, the algae powder is dark green in color. You must not only look at the surface but also break it open to see the color of the cross-section.

Tip 3: Smell

Spirulina has a special algae or sea smell.

Tip 4: Look at the packaging

Some of the nutrients in organic spirulina powder need to be kept isolated from the air, such as phycocyanin and carotene. In order to avoid direct contact with light and air and ensure that nutrients are not lost, production companies generally use aluminum foil packaging in small bags.

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