• Vitamin D3

Is Vitamin D3 the same as Vitamin D?

Vitamins are a kind of trace organic substances that humans and animals must obtain from food in order to maintain normal physiological functions, and play an important role in the process of human growth, metabolism and development. So what exactly is the difference between vitamin D and vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 actually has the same meaning as the vitamin D we say every day, it is a big family, and vitamin D3 is an element in the vitamin D family. The nutrition of vitamin D is more comprehensive, but there are only two elements that are most useful for health in vitamin D, namely vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, and vitamin D3 is the most suitable for human beings and is also the one with the highest metabolic rate in the vitamin D family. 

Where does vitamin D3 come from?

It is mainly synthesized by the human body itself, and the human skin contains a type of cholesterol, which becomes vitamin D3 when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if the child can fully receive direct sunlight on the skin for more than 4 to 6 hours, the vitamin D3 synthesized by itself can basically meet the needs.

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