• Isomalt CAS NO. 64519-82-0

Isomalt makes your products more attractive

Isomalt is a naturally derived sugar substitute. Based on natural cane sugar derived from beets, it is 100% vegetarian, kosher, halal and free of GMOs. Isomalt is manufactured through a two-stage process: enzymatic treatment with sucrase followed by hydrogenation.

Isomalt 98% offers a mouthfeel nearly equal to sucrose, but with a softer sweetness and half the calories of sucrose. It can be used in a wide variety of food applications, especially hard candies, and isomalt is the preferred sugar substitute worldwide.

Reasons why isomalt CAS NO. 64519-82-0 is widely used:

1. Low hygroscopicity

Isomalt hardly absorbs water at room temperature and in an environment with high relative humidity, so it can give food or sweets a long shelf life.

2. Good taste

Isomalt has a taste very similar to sucrose, but only half as sweet. And when it's combined with intense sweeteners, it delivers a synergistic sweetness profile without any undesired additional flavors.

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