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Mock-strawberry is a wild vine. This plant is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin. Its fruit is very similar to strawberries. The mock-strawberry is a very high Chinese medicinal material, the following is its efficacy and role of it.

The main benefits of mock-strawberry are:

1. clearing heat and cooling blood

Mock-strawberry is a cold Chinese medicinal material. Its main effect is to clear heat and cool blood. It can prevent excessive heat toxicity in the human body, and can also prevent various symptoms of getting angry. In addition, people cough up blood due to blood heat. Taking it in a timely manner in a variety of adverse diseases can significantly reduce the condition.

2. Reduce swelling and relieve pain

After the mock-strawberry is used as a medicine, it also has an important role in detoxification and swelling. When people have symptoms such as sore throat, sore tongue, and sore gums, boil it in time to drink it, and the swelling and pain can subside. 

3. Detoxification

The mock-strawberry also has a particularly obvious detoxification effect. It can speed up the decomposition and metabolism of toxins in the human body and can reduce the damage of harmful substances to the human body. When people are accidentally bitten by poisonous snakes in daily life, they can directly grind the mock-strawberry. It can be made into the mud and applied to the wound, which can quickly relieve people's symptoms of poisoning.

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