• Online medical treatment promotes Managed Care, and future trends can be expected?

Online medical treatment promotes Managed Care, and future trends can be expected?

Managed Care is a concept first proposed in the United States in the late 1950s. Its core content is that medical insurance institutions can effectively control the occurrence or development of diseases through systematic health management of their medical insurance customers, and significantly reduce risks. Probability and actual medical expenses, thereby reducing the purpose of medical insurance compensation losses.

The original concept of Managed Care in the United States also includes the signing of the most affordable prescription agreement between medical insurance institutions and medical institutions to ensure that medical insurance customers can enjoy lower medical expenses, thereby reducing the burden of medical insurance companies.

With the continuous enrichment and development of actual business content, Managed Care has gradually developed into a set of specialized system solutions and operations, and professionally managed care companies that are different from traditional medical institutions such as hospitals have begun to appear. Insurance institutions may directly meet individual needs and provide systematic and professional managed care services.

Managed Care is an emerging health service concept and service method. On the one hand, managed care can achieve industrial economic benefits and drive the development of related health industries while promoting health quality and saving medical resources; The demand for high-quality health services has a driving effect.

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