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Polygala Extract

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Polygala tenuifolia, also known as Yuan Zhi, is a root used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has traditionally been used for its protective effects on the brain. Preliminary animal evidence suggests that Polygala tenuifolia has an antidepressant effect in rats.

Polygala tenuifolia may improve cognition, but more research is needed to confirm this effect. Rodent research suggests that Rodent studies assessing Polygala tenuifolia's anti-amnesiac and adaptogen-like properties suggest that the herb can increase the level of compounds responsible for brain growth, like brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Though Polygala tenuifolia supplementation may slightly increase cognitive ability in elderly people, it has limited effect on healthy adults. Supplementing Polygala tenuifolia can improve spatial organization and recognition, but it does not improve short- or long-term memory formation, as measured by free or cued recall. Much more research is needed to determine if Polygala tenuifolia qualifies as a nootropic.


1) Sedative and analgesic effects.
2) Expectorant, antitussive effects.
3) Promote physical, mental, and brain protection, anti-aging effects.
4) The role of smooth muscle and myocardial.


1) Applied in the health care product field.
2) Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

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