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Popular science of new whitening ingredients - bearberry extract arbutin

Arbutin is a kind of bearberry leaf extract. Its main function is to inhibit melanin, reduce skin pigmentation, and have freckle, sterilization, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Arbutin can be divided into two kinds according to the chemical structure: α -arbutin safety, whitening effect, stability; β -arbutin raw material is cheap, α -arbutin is about 8 times of β -arbutin, whitening effect is about 15 times of β -arbutin.

bearberry leaf extract - arbutin

Many skin care products now only label arbutin, but do not label whether it is α-arbutin or β-arbutin, which generally uses β-arbutin.

The EU Consumer Safety Scientific Committee stipulates that the addition of α-arbutin in creams does not exceed 2%, the body content does not exceed 0.5%, and the content of β-arbutin in creams does not exceed 7%.

Whitening principle: bearberry leaf extract --- arbutin mainly blocks the production of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase to achieve a whitening effect.

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