Sucralose Powder

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Sucralose is a white powdery product that is easily soluble in water, ethanol and meth/anol. It is the only functional sweetener produced with sucrose as raw material at present. Its sweetness is 600 times that of sucrose, and its sweet taste is pure and very similar to that of sucrose without any bitter aftertaste. No heat, no caries, good stability, especially in aqueous solution. After a long time of toxicological test proved that its safety is very high, it is currently the best functional sweetener, has been approved by the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and other more than 30 countries. At present, sucralose has been widely used in beverages.


Sucralose has a sugar-like taste, good water solubility and excellent stability in a wide range ofprocessed foods and beverages.

When combined with some other intense sweeteners, it has asynergistic sweetening effect. Like sugar, sucralose will hydrolyse in solution, but unlike sugar ithiydrolyses only over an extended period of time under extreme conditions of acidity andtemperature.

Sucralose does not promote tooth decay.


Sucralose is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including:

• Breakfast cereals

• Canned fruit, jams, jellies,pie fillings

• Chilled and frozen desserts

• Condiments, relishes, dressings

• Gelatin desserts, puddings

• Gum, breath mints, candies,cough drops

• Ready-to-eat/frozen baked goods

• Sauces, toppings

• Soft drinks, flavoured milk, nutritional beverages

• Yogurt, ice cream

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