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The Benefits of Chamomile Extract - Apigenin

Chamomile extract, apigenin, belongs to the flavonoid class, which is almost insoluble in water and partially soluble in hot alcohol. Apigenin exists in a variety of plants in the form of a plant yellow pigment and is found in chamomile, perilla, and verbena.

Chamomile extract has the effect of helping sleep, relieving the patient's symptoms of inflammation and pain, and relieving insomnia caused by neuropathic skin itching. 

The Benefits of Chamomile Extract - Apigenin:

chamomile extract

1. Calming effect

The calming and soothing effects of chamomile can fight allergies, relieve nervous tension, improve insomnia, and improve allergic conditions.

2. Analgesic effect

Chamomile fights spasms and has analgesic properties for headaches, stomachaches, toothaches, and more.

3. Helps digestion

Chamomile improves digestion, regulates the stomach, and eliminates flatulence.

4. Skincare effect

Chamomile essential oil can improve sensitive, dehydrated, dry, and peeling skin and increase skin elasticity.

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