• Ashwagandha Extract Withanolide

What are some things to look for when choosing ashwagandha extract supplement?

1. Make sure Ashwagandha extract supplement is extracted from the root only and no leaf components are added.

There are some Ashwagandha manufacturers who use the leaves of the plant instead of the roots to make the extract. 

The restorative, invigorating and strengthening properties of Ashwagandha are attributed to its roots rather than its leaves. The leaves of this herb are intended for topical application. The use of this leaf is limited to the skin.

2. Make sure to evaluate the concentration of Withaferin A for cytotoxicity.

Not all solanides are beneficial. Withaferin A is a cytotoxic withanolide, as confirmed by several scientific studies.

3. Ensure optimal Ashwagandha extract withanolide content and only perform content assessment by HPLC.

When choosing an ashwagandha extract ratio extract, make sure it's neither too high nor too low in withanolide. Having a higher percentage of withanolides (eg: more than 25%) is not advisable, as it makes the extract more drug-like, with more emphasis on single molecules. It is also not advisable to have a too low percentage of withanolides (eg: less than 2.5%) because it requires a higher effective dose.

4. Ensure that clinical trials of Ashwagandha extract use normal, healthy populations.

Clinical studies by some ashwagandha manufacturers have attempted to demonstrate the effectiveness of their ashwagandha by demonstrating improvements in clinically impaired or otherwise not perfectly healthy populations.

5. Make sure the ashwagandha extract is a full spectrum extract.

It is important to use "full spectrum" extracts. A "full-spectrum" extract is a true extract that maintains the balance of the various components of the original herb without over-representing any one component, for example, withanolides.

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