• AAA-Grade Matcha Powder

What are the different areas of use of different grades of matcha powder?

Organic matcha powder is usually divided into different grades based on different qualities and uses. The classification of these grades is mainly based on the differences in color, aroma, taste, and nutritional content of matcha powder.

1. AAA-grade matcha powder: AAA-grade matcha powder is emerald green in color, rich in aroma, delicate in taste, and rich in nutrients. This matcha powder is commonly used to make high-end Japanese cuisine, desserts, and tea drinks. For example, it is used to make high-end desserts such as matcha ice cream, matcha cake, and matcha chocolate, as well as for brewing high-quality matcha tea.

2. AA-grade matcha powder: The color and aroma of AA-grade matcha powder are slightly inferior to high-end matcha powder, but it still has a better taste and nutritional content. This matcha powder is usually used to make some common Japanese dishes, desserts, and tea drinks. For example, used to make matcha ramen, matcha pudding, matcha drinks, etc.

3、A-grade matcha powder: A-grade matcha powder has poor color and aroma, a relatively rough taste, and relatively few nutrients. This matcha powder is usually used to make some industrial foods and beverages, or for deep processing of matcha powder.

In short, there are big differences in prices between different grades of matcha powder. The price of high-end matcha powder is usually higher, while the price of low-end matcha powder is relatively low. Therefore, when choosing matcha powder, you need to choose according to your needs and budget.

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