• Why choose amino acid fertilizer? The advantages of amino acid fertilizer

Why choose amino acid fertilizer? The advantages of amino acid fertilizer

Effects of amino acids on crop development

1. Early germination, high seedling rate

Applying humic acid can accelerate seed germination and increase seedling emergence rate, especially in early spring and low temperature.

2. Well-developed root system, strong absorption

Amino acids have a special promoting effect on the root development of crops. The effect on the root system is mainly manifested in that it stimulates the division and growth of the root meristem cells, makes the seedlings grow roots quickly, increases the number of secondary roots, increases the amount of roots, and elongates the root system. Ultimately, the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients is greatly enhanced.

3. Effects on the growth of vegetative bodies in the aerial part

On the basis of sufficient nutrient supply, the stimulating effect of amino acids can make the aerial part of the plant grow vigorously, which is manifested in plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves, and dry matter accumulation.

4. Impact on yield

Amino acids have different effects on the yield and composition factors of different crops. They can increase the yield of grain crops, such as more ears, more grains, and 1,000-grain weight. In the early stage, they have good effects on tillering and reducing the rate of empty seedlings. Effects of amino acids on physiological metabolism and enzymatic activities of crops.

Effects of amino acids on crop physiological metabolism and enzyme activities

After the amino acid enters the plant, it stimulates the plant, mainly in the increase of respiration intensity, the increase of photosynthesis, and the enhancement of the activities of various enzymes, so that the fruit is colored and matured in advance, and high yield and output value are obtained.

Beijing, Henan, and Gansu demonstrate and popularize amino acid organic fertilizer, which increases wheat yield by 6.8-12%. The results of the large-area test of wheat by the Institute of Biology, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences show that the yield is increased by more than 11%, and the input-output ratio is 1:40. The effect is excellent, so it is suitable for popularization.

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