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Why do so many people like to use tangerine peel to soak in water or make medicinal diets?

The tangerine peel is made by drying the peel of the oranges we eat. It is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. Many people like to use the tangerine peel to soak in water or make medicated meals. It not only has the fragrance of oranges but also because it has great medicinal properties. 

The effect of tangerine peel:

1. Promote digestion

The tangerine peel extract contains volatile oils, hesperidin, and other ingredients, which can mildly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate the secretion of digestive juice, and at the same time eliminate gas in the intestinal tract in time, thereby enhancing people's appetite, and the limonoids in tangerine peel also It can promote the speed of intestinal peristalsis and thus play a role in promoting digestion.

tangerine peel

2. Relieving phlegm and relieving cough

The tangerine peel contains some natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, which can help us eliminate inflammation in the lungs and trachea, thereby diluting phlegm and allowing it to be discharged faster. Not only that, but its volatile oil can also stimulate the human respiratory system and reduce coughing. 

3. Lower blood lipids

The tangerine peel extract contains a large number of glycosides, which can effectively prevent lipid peroxidation. At the same time, pectin in tangerine peel also contains some low molecular substances, which can effectively reduce the content of blood lipids in the human body. People, usually eat some dried tangerine peel.

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