Yucca Extract Saponins
  • Yucca Extract Saponins
  • Yucca Extract Saponins
  • Yucca Extract Saponins

Yucca Extract 30%、60%、80% Saponins UV

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Yucca extract as feed helps to improve the digestion of meals rich in nitrogenated compounds and allows for better absorption of them due to the fact that microbial activity is accelerated in the intestinal flora, lowering the volatile compounds that cause bad odors in the excretions. Yucca Extract is also mentioned that the constant use of the Yucca schidigera extracts as a nutritional complement is a valuable aid in the treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol, bursitis, and high blood pressure.


1) Remove odor;
2) Suppress the breeding of protozoa and other noxious bacteria;
3) Increase the number of beneficial bacteria, and maintain good intestinal tract circumstances;
4) Improve the absorption & utilization rate of nutrients facts;
5) Improve the immune power of farm lives, and decrease the incidence of disease;
6) Improve the reproduction of breeding saw and lower stillbirth rate.


1) Applied in the Cosmetic field, Yucca Schidigera Extract Powder can be used to prepare natural shampoos and foaming cosmetics or liquid soaps. Natural fruit and vegetable washing soaps are a new application.
2) Applied in the Food and Beverage field, Yucca extract is used to prepare root beer, slush products, frozen carbonated beverages, foamy cocktail mixes, beer, juice, and wine coolers in the beverage industry. It is especially useful for maintaining natural foaming in low-alcohol and no-alcohol beers.
3) Applied in Feed additive, it is used for animal growing, Yucca's naturally antibacterial and antiviral properties have also been exploited in new products.

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