• Zinc carnosine powder: a key nutrient for anti-inflammatory and gut repair

Zinc carnosine powder: a key nutrient for anti-inflammatory and gut repair

In fact, inflammation is the body's protective mechanism. Inflammation is not harmful to the body. Only excessive inflammation can harm the body. To deal with an excessive inflammatory response, we need to turn off as many inflammatory activators as possible.

For most gastrointestinal diseases, regulating the permeability of the gut is the goal, so which nutrients are essential for gut repair? Today we introduce a key nutrient for gut repair: Zinc Carnosine Powder.

Zinc Carnosine Powder

Zinc carnosine is believed to have therapeutic effects on gastrointestinal disorders. It is known to repair gastric damage by increasing the frequency of proliferation and migration of new cells by 75%, so it is used for gastric ulcers. 

In repairing small intestinal damage, zinc carnosine can increase the proliferation and migration frequency of new cells by 50%. This mechanism is crucial because most of the damage caused by the gut occurs in the small intestine.

NSAIDs (such as aspirin and ibuprofen) are known to increase intestinal permeability, leading to erosions, ulcers, and bleeding of the intestinal mucosa. One-third of deaths from NSAIDs are associated with daily low-dose aspirin use. Even taking 10mg a day can cause stomach ulcers. 

Therefore, if you choose to use NSAIDs, you should also take some intestinal nutrition protectors, and zinc carnosine powder is a good choice. 

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