• Green coffee bean extract chlorogenic acid

How does green coffee bean extract chlorogenic acid help in weight loss?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a natural plant extract extracted from green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans with a more herbaceous taste, rich in various nutrients and bioactive ingredients, minerals, vitamins, etc., but the main active ingredient is chlorogenic acid (CGA).

Chlorogenic acid is a natural antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid originally contained in green coffee beans can inhibit the production of regenerative sugar in the liver.

Green coffee bean extract for weightloss:

Green coffee bean extract chlorogenic acid has the effect of delaying fat absorption, hindering the activity of lipolytic enzymes, hindering the accumulation of body fat, and burning fat, thus playing a role in weight loss.

But in addition to helping with weight loss, green coffee bean extract supplement has other positive effects as well. Green coffee beans contain high levels of volatile substances that can maintain healthy skin. Second, green coffee beans have been found to be neuroprotective against insulin resistance-induced Alzheimer's disease.

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