• Cassia Nomame Extract Flavanol

How effective is Cassia Nomame Extract as an eye-improving ingredient?

In daily life, cassia nomame is often used to make tea, which has the effects of protecting eyes, improving eyesight, moistening intestines, and laxative. In fact, cassia nomame can not only be drunk but cassia nomame extracts can also be used as raw materials for many medicinal products.

Cassia nomame extract not only contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats but also contains steroidal compounds, chrysophanol, emodin, etc., as well as essential trace elements such as iron and zinc.

In addition to protecting the eyes, cassia nomame extract flavanol also has a good liver protection effect. The cassia lactobioside contained in it has a good repairing effect on our liver cells.

In terms of improving eyesight, cassia nomame extract can significantly improve and promote the tissue structure and function of the retina and can increase the content of adenosine triphosphate in eye tissues, thereby achieving a protective effect on the optic nerve. Studies have found that cassia nomame extract can slow down the deterioration of visual function by improving the antioxidant capacity in eyeball tissue, so it is also suitable for the elderly.

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